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Arrested for Drug Possession

Arrested for drug possession?  If so, contact the experts at Bazarte Bail Bonds.  Drug possession is a common charge.  In fact, it’s among the leading causes of arrest in our state.  Traffic stops for some other offense such as speeding or a non-working taillight often result in a drug arrest.  When sufficient evidence results in a search of the vehicle, and drugs are found the result is an arrest.  Arrest for drug offenses in Florida can result in extensive fines and potentially long prison sentences.

It’s important to know how to best protect your rights prior to facing your charges.  This starts with contacting and utilizing the services of an experienced and competent bail bondsman.  Bazarte Bail Bonds suggests for those posting bail themselves or through a family member, that you follow these guidelines to protect your rights under the law. When you need a bondsman after being arrested for drug possession, call or contact the experts at Bazarte Bail Bonds.

arrested for drug possession

Follow These Steps if you are Arrested for Drug Possession


Secure the Services of an Attorney

After securing bond from a reputable bondsman like Bazarte Bail Bonds, you should immediately employ the services of an attorney experienced in defending clients for drug possession offenses. We can’t stress this enough.


Don’t talk to Law Enforcement

It’s your constitutional right not to talk to the police unless your attorney is present. You can severely harm your chances of limiting your sentence.  Any information you provide can be used against you in court. It’s also important to be polite, but stand fast the idea you will not discuss your arrest without your attorney present.


Never Agree to “Make a Deal”

You may be offered to make a deal. It’s common practice for law enforcement to offer deals to a person arrested on drug charges. Follow rule # 1.  Never discuss any deals without the presence of your attorney.


Stay off Social Media

it’s amazing how many times we’ve seen arrested person’s post what they may believe to be harmless posts on social media sites. Everything and anything you post to social media can be used to harm your case.


If Possible, Consider a “Plea Bargain”

Depending on your arrest history a plea bargain may not even be an option. But if this is your first arrest and the charges are not heinous, a plea bargain could be the best opportunity to limit your charges. 

Protecting your rights when you’ve been arrestef for drug possession is critical.  It starts with posting bail so that you can begin the steps to arrange for your legal defense. That’s where the experienced bail bondsman at Bazarte Bail Bonds come into play.  But it’s just as important to follow these steps above to ensure your best chance of limiting your liabilities and possibly avoiding jail time.

What Are the Most Common Types of Bonds?

When it comes to bail bonds, there may be several options available for friends and family members, and the type of bond you may need will depend on a few factors.  Things such as the offense for which the defendant is being charged, what the total amount for bail is and your current financial situation can all have an affect on the kind of bond you may need. The following types of bail bonds are the most common forms of posting bail.

Surety Bond

By far the most common State bond, a surety bond, is governed by Florida regulations and stipulates that the bondsman will be paid 10%. The bondsman then provides the remainder of the bond to the court. This is the law. There is NEVER an instance where a bondsman can offer you a deal or charge more than the stipulated 10%.

The only exception to this 10% rule is when bail is set under $1,000. Regardless of the amount below $1,000 the cost is $100 and not 10%. Since the law is specific the only difference that separates the multitude of bail bonds companies is the service you will be provided.


Federal Bail Bonds

A Federal bail bond comes in to play when the alleged crime is of a federal nature or involves interstate criminal activity. Examples of this would be crimes that cross state lines, or any crime investigated by a federal agency like the FBI, or involves the Post Office, IRS or Immigration Services. Examples of this would be tax evasion, drug trafficking, fraud, and kidnapping as well as any crime that takes place on federal property.

Federal bonds are most often many times higher than a state bond. The premium rate in Florida for a Federal Bail Bond is 15%. Often, a judge will add a “Nebbia” requirement. This means that whomever is paying the bond provides proof that any collateral or money used is from a legitimate source. The professionals at Bazarte Bail Bonds are experienced in dealing with Federal Bail Bonds and can be instrumental in helping the arrestee deal with these intricacies. We can also provide assistance for Signature and Immigration bonds.


When a person believes there may be an outstanding warrant for their arrest, it is possible for the offender’s bail be paid without going through the process of being detained in jail. The reason for this is simple. Jails are overcrowded. If someone believes a warrant exists against them, the best course of action is to contact Bazarte Bail Bonds. We can verify the record, and explain the process, and accompany you to a facility that accepts self-arrests. We will explain what identification is required, and the proper dress code.




I have been dealing with Rob and Steve for many years and they have NEVER let me down…been arrested? Need immediate releasing…pick up the phone and dial Bazarte’s Bailsbond and they will be there before you get there..within the hour you’ll be released.

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Why Choose Bazarte Bail Bonds for DUI Bail, Felony Bail or Bail for Drug Charges?

  • 40+ years in business
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  • The entire bonding process can be done electronically or via telephone
  • We accept cash, checks, money orders, Western Union, wire transfer, ATM and debit cards as well as VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express
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Facing time in jail is one of the most stressful things that could happen to anyone.  Our goal since our inception has always been to provide the very best service to our clients in a confidential and courteous manner. We hope you never need our services but if you do, call Bazarte Bail Bonds and allow us to use our experience to work for you. Serving West Florida since 1977.